Zero to Climate Hero 1

Zero to Climate Hero 5-week challenge! Week One 😁

Although my business is built on the foundation of the Permaculture principles of Earth Care, Fair Share and People Care there is always more that can be done so I've signed up for the Zero to Climate Hero 5-week challenge! with the WWF.


All of my packaging is either reuse-able, recycled or bio-degradable. Local businesses donate their packaging to me so that I can re-use it for shipping out tiles. The tiles are extremely fragile so I also use the amazing ethical packaging made by a local Cornish business called Flexi-Hex.

In addition to this any plastic bags that I receive either with deliveries or clay are re-purposed to wrap and layer my wet clay tiles to keep them wet or to stop the inlaid tiles drying out too much.

Recycling plastic bags

The bags that can't be re-purposed are cleaned down and taken to plastic bag recycling centres.

Plastic clay bags ready for cleaning

Cleaned clay bags ready for recycling

Single use plastic is avoided as much as possible and always recycled after use in my recycling bins at the studio.

As I get through a large amount of clay I always have extra plastic clay bags to be recycled. Sadly the clay company do not re-use them so if there is anyone out there who could use them in some way I'd love to hear from you 😁