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Zero to Climate Hero 2

Zero to Climate Hero 5-week challenge! Week Two 😁

So it's week two of the Climate Hero Challenge and this week its...


I'm extremely blessed to live in a stunning part of the world which means walking to and from work is definitely a pleasure, regardless of the weather. Although I'm only a 5 minute drive from home to studio I try to walk to work as many times a week as I can. For two thirds of the year I'm travelling extensively across the UK to various shows and exhibitions so when I'm home, walking is always a breath of fresh air, literally. For me it ticks many boxes...

On a practical side...

1) Reduces my carbon footprint to compensate for travel during show season

2) Helps reduce my fuel costs

3) Minimises wear and tear on the car

4) Reduces car emissions in my area 

On a physical side...

1) Keeps me fit (no such thing as a flat road in Cornwall 😁)

2) Gives me mental clarity to start or finish the day

3) Helps me develop deeper breathing and a state of calm

4) I have more chance of meeting and chatting to local neighbours

On a well being side...

1) I get to witness the changing of seasons

2) Spot local wildlife and have a greater knowledge of the plants where I live

3) Forage for my food

4) Bathe in the beauty and essence of the trees and water

5) Continuously be inspired for my creative work

Although I'm fortunate in my surroundings I will always try to find beauty wherever I walk and will often see Mother Nature growing in the most obscure of places, even through concrete. Being immersed in nature keeps my sense of wonder - and may that last till the end of my days ❤️🙏

Port Navas Creek
Trenarth Bridge - Port Navas Creek