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Truly Unique Ceramic Tiles from the Heart of Cornwall

Truly Unique Ceramic Tiles from the Heart of Cornwall

Truly Unique Ceramic Tiles from the Heart of Cornwall

al·che·my (noun) - “any seemingly magical process of transmuting ordinary materials into something of true merit.”

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Keeping an ancient craft alive in a modern day era

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About the Artist

Mel Chambers is a self-taught artist based on the beautiful Helford River near Falmouth in Cornwall. As well as being the creator of Alchemy Tiles, she is also a painter, a sculptress, and former Partner at Studio 45, a community pottery studio that was based on the Dartington Estate in Devon.

She has worked alongside some inspiring mentors in Devon including Richenda Macgregor (The Potting Shed & Studio 45) and Iris Milward (Poetry Tiles). Combined with her background in business, permaculture, teaching, and presenting, she has developed as an artist and sculptress in her own right and travels extensively to shows and galleries across the UK.

Inspired by her surroundings and a keen conservationist for the ocean and the environment, Mel’s work is carried out as ethically and sustainably as possible. She brings to life the beauty of poetry, inspiring quotes and images of all the magic that surrounds us. Her work portrays not only the beauty of the wild but also that which surrounds us daily, including the animals and beings that share our everyday lives and are closest to our hearts.

She is also very proud to be part of the Made in Cornwall Scheme. After rigorous testing by trading standards, she achieved top marks and is part of an amazing and talented group of Cornish artisans creating genuine Cornish products.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” 

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The satisfaction comes through the use of every part of oneself, hand and eye, brain and intuition, and through being always in contact with natural materials and the power of earth, air, fire and water. ... It is, in fact, a voyage of discovery into the very heart of things. How lucky we are.”

Marianne de Trey, Dartington ceramicist