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"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

William Morris

Bespoke Interiors

Why Choose Alchemy Tiles?

Using an ancient craft in a modern day era each tile is hand cut so they can be created to fit any space. This reduces the need to cut the tiles and can be installed easily.

Each creation is hand carved and inlaid with inspiring quotes and images that resonate with your own passions, dreams, and inspirations. Alternatively, you can rely on Mel’s extensive knowledge and expertise to design something especially for you and the desired space.

Each bespoke handmade tile is unique, original, and cannot be replicated. The whole process takes from four to eight weeks depending on the design.

The coloured clays are Mel's own recipes and as the colour is fired earth and embedded into the tile the colours will never fade or lose their vibrancy.

This old technique of inlay (or encaustic) means they are still uncovering ancient floors today that are thousands of years old and remain just as beautiful as the day they were laid. So even as time fades, the tiles will continue to be as vibrant as the day you bought them.

For a 'no obligation' quote on the design and creation of your own unique area please get in touch.


Mel is also fully qualified to install the tiles
for you as well. With a reputation of reliability and excellent customer service each project can be looked after from start to finish and you get to share the journey along the way.

For more information...

A Bespoke Tile Panel

The Octopus at Argal

Capturing 3 weeks in 3 mins - The first of four interior design creations at the stunning location of Treverva Farm Cottages. Inspired by the owners love of octopus and the fabulous turquoise surroundings. Each and every tile hand carved freehand with love 💙 "Lose your heart to the ocean and you will find your soul."

Customer Love

Mel has made a really beautiful splash back for our bathroom. She offered us some beautiful sketches and was happy to adjust the designs to our taste. The finished tiles exceeded expectations, they look stunning and it’s lovely to have a bespoke piece of art in our house which we know is unique. We also have some Alchemy tiles in our kitchen and a wonderful house sign inspired by the wildlife in our area. I would highly recommend Mel’s work to anyone who would like something special for their home.
Katharine Sprigge
Mel has done a number of commissions for us recently including a wonderful personalised wedding present for friends and our fabulous celtic themed fire surround. She is immensely creative, very talented, responsive and amazing value for money. You can go to Mel in the knowledge that you will not be disappointed.
Ken Wittamore
Mel designed & made tiles for our bathroom. After talking through ideas, Mel supplied artwork for me to look at before she weaved her alchemist magic to produce the gorgeous unique tiles. From start to completion Mel was a delight to work with & I can highly recommend her work.
Julie Skinner
Mel is wonderfully to work with from design, consultation and end product. I would recommend Mel to produce a work of art that would last for years to come. Excellent service from start to the finished article.

Our Splashback was absolutely wonderful!!

Five stars all the way!!!
Andrew Chapman