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Green hearts

Get Ready for Green Hearts Everywhere! 💚

Since 2015, millions of people have used the power of green hearts every Valentine’s Day to ask politicians to tackle the climate crisis and protect what we love from its worst impacts. When you make and share a green heart, you are sending a clear message to people in power that you care about climate, nature and people. 

The Climate Coalition are behind this amazing campaign and it is now more important than ever to show decision makers that tackling the climate crisis is the fight that unites. There are a multitude of ways you can get involved from making your own hearts, setting up a community heart making project or emailing your MP.

As a way to support this amazing campaign you can purchase your own Alchemy Tiles Green Love Heart which you can use every year. All profits will be donated to climate action causes 💚

Large Green Love Heart - £14

Medium Green Love Heart - £12

Small Green Love Hearts - £6

Green Circle of Love - £8


Feather Torso

Hand sculpted in Stoneware


Night Hunter

Hand Painted in Gouache


Hand Sculpted Leaf Torso


Hand painted in gouache