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Honour Thy Mother - Mothers Day

Honour Thy Mother

After celebrating a truly powerful International Women's Day the energy naturally flows into Mothers Day and the theme of honouring continues. As Mother Earth begins to emerge from her winter slumber we begin to feel her energy rising in the sap and the feeling of Spring around us.

As the earths fertility begins to blossom we give thanks to the beautiful mothers in our lives who nurture and care for us and love us unconditionally in their own magical way.

For some of us this time can be difficult as we remember the wonderful mothers and grandmothers we have lost and how we crave to be held in their embrace just one more time. So let their love shine on in you and share what you loved about them most.

In the build up to Mothers Day I will once again be honouring amazing women in my life who are exceptional mothers and carers. If you feel moved to do the same then let that love shine through and #honourthymother ❤️