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Alchemy Tiles Southern Enterprise Award 2020

Southern Enterprise Award 2020

Alchemy Tiles: proud winner of the SME Southern Enterprise Awards for extensive expertise and skills, dedication to customer service and client satisfaction with an on-going commitment to excellence and innovation. It was with absolute delight and deep humility that I received the Best Hand Crafted Tile Company Award 2020. All new businesses take time to get off the ground, especially when you're a soul trader, but this award really gave me huge confirmation that all the dedicated hours and hard work were paying off, especially during a time when the world was dealing with so much adversity with COVID.

To be recognised on a national level for something I am deeply passionate about, from the creation to the end customer, was indeed a feather in my cap. Keeping this ancient tradition and craft alive and taking it to new heights is what gets me out of bed in the mornings and creating beautiful pieces and bespoke interiors is what makes my heart sing.

So thank you, one and all, who have supported my work, my journey, my craft, my passion. Without you it would not be possible and I am only spurred on to create to even higher levels of wonder.


Feather Torso

Hand sculpted in Stoneware


Night Hunter

Hand Painted in Gouache


Hand Sculpted Leaf Torso


Hand painted in gouache